Conference programme

The conference will take place in Herľany on May 14th, 2018. The presentations will be given in parallel EEE and IT sections.

Paper submission

Authors should submit a paper in English in .pdf file format, carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling, using the on-line submission procedure indicated below.

Online submission procedure: EasyChair submission system

Please follow these instructions:

  • Submit names of author and co-author very carefully, this data are used in editorial process of proceedings. Be careful about diacritics and correct spelling. Good: “Nosáľ”. Bad: “Nosal”, or “Nosaľ”.
  • The same applies to the submission title. Submission title is the title of Your paper, please be careful about correct spelling.
  • Submit e-mail address that You use and visit often, this will be a communication channel for the organizing committee.
  • Your paper is going to be assigned to EEE or I&T section according its topic. Online submission system will offer You a list of topics, pick the one that is closest to the topic of Your paper.
  • Remember the deadlines.

In case of any questions or difficulties with online submission system please contact Ing. Ľuboš Suchý (+421 55 602 2283).

Paper templates

On the following links there are templates for SCYR papers. The guidelines for paper formatting provided at the conference web site must be strictly used for all submitted papers. The submission format is the same as the camera-ready format. Please check and carefully follow the instructions and templates provided. You may be asked by the editor to rework the paper for acceptance as a consequence of ignoring the guidelines.

Instructions for papers’ authors:

  • Use the current templates (there have been changes to templates from previous years).
  • If You are a PhD student, do not forget to mention Your supervisor and Your year of study (there is an example of how to do that in both templates).
  • When converting to .pdf file format, please set the page dimmensions to A4 (not Letter format).

Please remember that each paper must be presented to be published (proceedings will be published after the conference).

In case of any questions or difficulties with templates please contact Ing. Ľuboš Suchý (+421 55 602 2283).

Paper categories

Postgraduate (PhD.) papers

Submission of a paper in this category is mandatory for each PhD student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of Technical University of Košice. Every paper of this category may have only one author, and its content is entirely dedicated to author’s PhD dissertation and obtained results. Required length and content of a paper are prominently dependent on author’s year of study, and individual students should follow the following instructions:

  • Students of the 1st year of postgraduate study

Review article in the range of 4 pages (8 columns), which summarize the actual status of knowledge in the research, to which is the dissertation work dedicated. The student has to take a stand to the published works of other authors in the present research area.
Structure of the contribution:

  1. Short introduction to the topic of the research (≈ 0.5 column).
  2. Analysis which describes the current status of the actual knowledge in the world in the form of search with the comments and the attitude of PhD student with the links for the actual literature. (≈ 5 columns).
  3. The summary of solved and unsolved problems, identification of the solvable and unsolvable problems, notice of the next direction of the work. (≈ 1.5 columns).
  4. The list of references, which is used in the search. (≈ 20 references for scientific articles mainly from the last 10 years).
  • Students of the 2nd and upper years of postgraduate study

Summarisational article in the range of 2 pages (4 columns), which is the summarization of the work of student for the last year of post gradual study.
Structure of the contribution:

  1. Short introduction to the topic and the motivation for the solving of the research task. (≈ 0.5 column).
  2. The initial status in the solving of the research task – summarizing of the facts which were already solved (≈ 0.5 column).
  3. Description of the tasks solved in the previous year, obtained results, interpretation of the results, description of the assets, characteristics of the possible awards and the praise of the PhD student on the base of major publications of the student in the previous period of time. (≈ 1.5 columns).
  4. Proposal for the next steps in the next period of time (≈ 0.5 column).
  5. The list of references.

Undergraduate (Bc.) and graduate (Ing.) papers

Papers of this category are primarily intended for presentation of results and assets of the final thesis of students attending bachelor and engineer degree of study. Every paper of this category may have maximum of two authors, one of which must be student of bachelor or engineering degree of study (one PhD student can be co-author of a paper, however he cannot be sole author, and in case paper has two authors, they cannot both be PhD students). PhD student that is co-author of a paper of this category is not exempt from the obligation of submitting the paper to the category of postgraduate papers.

Some useful instructions considering writing a scientific paper can be found on the following webpage: Tips on writing a scientific paper


All accepted papers will be presented in three parallel EEE and IT sessions. Authors are kindly asked to prepare their presentations in accordance with the following time limitations:

  • presentation itself (max. 3 minutes and 3-4 slides of presentation)
  • discussion (one question)